Jug·ger·naut > [juhg-er-nawt, -not]

  1. A literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable, an unstoppable antagonist, an unbeatable opponent!
  2. A large, overpowering, destructive force or object, one that destroys or that demands complete self-sacrifice
  3. A crude idol of Krishna worshiped at Puri and throughout Orissa and Bengal. At an annual festival the idol is wheeled through the town on a gigantic chariot and devotees are supposed to have formerly thrown themselves under the wheels.


The first activities of The Juggernauts on Earth were sighted towards the end of 2010. Reportedly, they have been summoned by higher unknown forces who send them to earth with the mission to ward off the by the Mayas predicted Apocalypse of 2012. However, the increase of conflicts between human tribes around the world, which come staggering and unspeakable atrocities, but also the unceasing pollution and poisoning of the seas, the systematic extinction of fauna and flora, are all signs on the wall that mankind is still on their way to self-destruction.

It’s clear The Juggernauts' task, ain’t over yet!



September 2010, The Juggernauts are founded. They compose and record there first song ’Phoenix’ the very same day.


'Phoenix' is featured on the Out Of Line 'Awake The Machines 7' compilation album. (15 July 2011)


The Juggernauts are invited to play some of Europe’s most renowned festivals like Easter Fest(Ghent,B), M’era Luna (Hildesheim, D), Industrial Booom (Budapest, HU), Nordstern (Hamburg, D), Familientreffen VIII (Sandersleben, D) and the Wroclaw Industrial Festival (Wroclaw, PL).


The EP Phoenix was released by Out Of Line on March 1st. and sold-out within the year while the bands DIY video of the featured track 'Infected' was viewed over 10.000 times in the same period of time.

More club and Festival shows are played as there are EBM Summer Stomp (Kassel, D), Kalabalik Pa Tyrolen Festival (Alvesta, SE), Out Of Line weekender II (Berlin, D), Electrocution Festival(Rostock, D) ...


The band continues to play many club shows and are yet again invited to some main European alternative music festivals like the renowned Amphi Festival (Köln, D), Familientreffen X (Sandersleben, D), Out Of Line Weekender III (Berlin, D), BodyFest (Stockholm, SE), ...

Meanwhile the Infected video reached over 20.000 views.


The band is invited to play the Hungarian capital Budapest one again, but also by one of Belgium's biggest alternative music festivals, Eurorock (Neerpelt, B), Germany's mother of all independent festivals, the WGT or Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Leipzig, D) and the internationally acclaimed BIMFEST XIV (Antwerp, B).


The Juggernauts Are Coming’, the highly anticipated full length of The Juggernauts was released July 22nd on the German Out Of Line Records. This album comes as shiny DigiPack CD featuring 10 powerful tracks in the pure and renowned The Juggernaut electro/EBM style.

The Juggernauts presented their new album at the renowned XII Familientreffen Festival (Sandersleben, D) and Nocturnal Cult Night festival (Deutzen,D).

On september 9th the D.I.Y. music video ‘Purge’ taken from the album ‘The Juggernauts Are Coming’ was released on YouTube and viewed over 10.000 times in less than a month!

2017 - 2018

The Juggernauts Are Coming Tour 2017 took shape quickly with invitations to play the reknowened Out Of Line Weekender (Berlin) (3rd time!) and Budapest (Hungary, (3rd time!)). Besides playing UK’s leading alternative festival INFEST, gigs in Sweden and Denmark, they also were invited to play in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City!

The ‘Infected’ video was watched over 57.000 times, while the ‘Purge’ video reached almost 30.000 views.
Meanwhile The Juggernauts started working on new material.

The Juggernauts - Are Coming Tour 2017 - 2018

14.01 Botanique, Brussels, B
31.03 Out Of Line Weekender, Astra, Berlin, D
30.04 Gozsdu Mano Klub, Budapest, HU
06.05 Club Madame, Sao Paulo, Brazil
12.05 Stellwerk, Hamburg, D
13.05 Das Bett, Frankfurt, D
25.05 De Casino, St-Niklaas, B
09.06 Synth After Work, Stockholm, SE
10.06 Musikens Hus, Gothenburg, SE
26.08 Infest, Bradford, UK
08.09 Der Kult, Nürenberg, D
18.11 Lygten Station, Copenhagen, DK
25.11 MUK, Giessen, D
20.01 Rise Of The Begian Empire, Felsenkeller, Leipzig, D
09.02 Der Cult, Nürenber, D
24.02 International EBM Day, De Casino, St-Niklaas, B
26.05 Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen, NL (+ Crash Course In Science + True Zebra
09.06 Foro RR Live, Mexico City, MEX (+ A Split-Second + True Zebra)


Terrence Gryson joined The Juggernauts as live keyboards & sampling member. From now onwards The Juggernauts will perform on stage as a trio!
More new songs are tried-out and performed during the eponymous Fear - The Juggernauts tour.
Another Brazil (Sao Paulo) show was added successfully conducted in December 2019.


All planned shows got cancelled or postponed to 2021 due the C-19 pandemic.
During the first lockdown a special C19 EBM remix and accompanying music video of the upcoming Fear EP title song was released through their official BandCamp page.

Check out the video here!


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