Fear v2K18 (12" Mix) - Official music video
Taken from 6 track FEAR (EP) avaiblable MP3/CD/12" on BANDCAMP

The Juggernauts - Fear (C-19 EBM Remixed & Assimilated by BORG)
Released 16.06.20 20 (Support, Consume, buy here! Resistance Is Futile!)

The Juggernauts - Phoenix (Live @ International EBM Day - 24.02.2018)

This PURGE video was released on September 9th 2016 and is another no budget DIY video directed and produced by BORG to promote the first The Juggernauts album release The Juggernauts Are Coming.

Meanwhile video was viewed over 34.000 times. It was also featured on the Sonic Seducer Magazine 2016 year overview DVD.

This INFECTED video was released on July 5th 2013 and is a no budget DIY video produced and directed by BORG to promote the Phoenix EP, the first official The Juggernauts release.
The Phoenix EP, limited to 666 copies, sold out within the year. Today the 'Infected' video has reached over 60.000 views!

Religion v2K12 - Live on 28.04.2012 @ Industrial Booom Reboot Festival - Budapest - Hungary
This video was recorded during the Industrial Booom Festival in Budapest were The Juggernauts had to play their second gig ever, not only supporting Font 242, but also performing AFTER them. Against all odds they conquered and won over the audience quite easily.

Coitus Interruptus - Live on 28.04.2012 @ Industrial Booom Reboot Festival - Budapest - Hungary

Concept demo video for 'Phoenix'
(Backdrop video mixed with live footage shot by Sato-Sato on Rewind Easter Fest 2012)

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