Limmited edition CD Digipack - BBR - 001
Released 01.12.2022
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1. Fear V2K18 (12” Mix) 05:19
2. End Of Time 05:39
3. Shrinking Brains 04:29
4. Fear V2K20 (C19 EBM Remix) 05:01
5. Snitch Bitch 05:26
6. Fear V2K22 (TZ Club Remix) 04:58


Peek-a-Boo Magazine [B] 9/10
"Not a simple copied or cloned sound, but their own characteristic and contemporary sounding EBM.EBM is not dead! And The Juggernauts contribute to this vibe in their headstrong way with this Fear EP. An EP that every righteous EBM lover should have in his/her record collection."

Luminous Dash [B]
"With plenty of industrial elements in their sound, The Juggernauts reaffirm their place in the Belgian EBM scene, while their signature electronic details, bubbling strong synth lines and tight drumming give this band's work its own distinctive identity."

Dark Entries Magazine [B] 8/10
"The Juggernauts is one of those contemporary electro formations that shamelessly continues the Belgian EBM / Electro tradition"

Klangwelt Musikmagazin [D]
"Although the band might sound a bit more "old school" in terms of production than on their debut album, they still manage to steer away from the retro trap and copycat syndrome. It's clear that The Juggernauts are determined to continue the renaissance of Electronic Body Music in their own way."

Side Line Magazine [B] 8/10
“Fear” is a cool title song which sounds like refreshed 90s EBM filled with retro-effects. There’s a more explicit EBM edit with raw, metallic percussion. The 3 songs left are more than simply B-sides. This is dark, melodic EBM with a message you can clearly discover behind the many samplings of Donald Trump. “Snitch Bitch” sounds explicitly EBM and also is the hardest cut.

El Garaje De Frank [ES]
"We start with the chimes that plunge us into “The Fear V2K18 (12″ Mix)”, a powerful EBM track featuring Borg’s deep, angry vocals, piercing, screeching synths and a pounding beat. This is the track that has two remixes: Borg adds more vocal samples and industrial sounds making it really feel like another song ... On Fear, we find four new tracks to enjoy what Electronic Body Music is nowadays and that we will surely listen to on some of the parties that take place in the near future"

(CD Digipack - OUT - 802)
Released: 22.07.2016
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Distributed by Rough Trade

Track listing:
1. The Juggernauts Are Coming
2. Damaged illusions (V.2K16)
3. Plastic World
4. Drinking Blood
5. Phoenix (Extended / V.2K16)
6. Abyss
7. Infected (V.2K16)
8. Religion (V .2K16)
9. Purge
10. Follow

Some scores & reviews:

8/10 Dark Entries Magazine (Dutch)
8/10 Peek-a-Boo Magazine (English)
9,6/10 The E-Blog (German)
8/10 Bodystyler Magazine (German)
8/10 Side-Line Magazine (English)
9,5/10 Mensch-Machinen-Musik (German)
**** Tempelores.com (English)
**** Darkworld.be (German)
Tip of the week Sonic Seducer Magazine (German)

Discography PHOENIX - EP (CD - Out Of Line - OUT - 596)
Release: 01.03.2013 / Out Of Line / SOLD OUT!

1. Phoenix 4:42
(Original single mix)
2. Damaged Illusions 5:08
(Exclusive EP track)
3. Infected 5:34
(Exclusive EP track)
4. Phoenix (Melted) 4:09
(Plastic Noise Experiment remix)
5. Damaged Illusions (Again) 4:52
(Spetsnaz remix)
6. Infected (Boiled) 5:11
(Implant remix)
7. Damaged Illusions (And Again) 3:41
(True Zebra remix)

Some scores & reviews (click to read the review):
8/10 Dark Entries Magazine
9/10 Klangwelt
9/10 Peek-a-Boo Magazine
8/10 Medienkonverter.de


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