Past Live Actions 02.12.2022
The Juggernauts @
BIMFEST XX, De Casino, St Niklaas, B
(+ Front 242, Test Dept, Radical G, Potochkine, Alvar, Amnistia, Fïx8-Sëd8, ...)

Visual evidence:
Peek-a-Boo magzine / © Who Cares / © Wim Heirbaut

************************* Live Action Report 1 ***********************

Source: Luminous Dash / Nel Mertens

Report: "The Juggernauts are coming. And so the trio traditionally opened their set and the gates to their own sonic universe. We already saw them perform a couple of times in recent weeks and we can tell you this: The Juggernauts were not coming, Mastbooms, drummer Kevin Strauwen and keyboard player Terence Gryson were all very much here tonight! Sounding stronger than ever before! Spicy, fiery and burning!

With Damaged Illusions they call for resistance. "It's time to react!". The fitting response that followed was the full house dancing. If only half of the room would act and protest tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, we would be satisfied. Purge, The End Of Times, Plastic World… all tracks whose lyrics we are increasingly appreciating, while we were sucked into the energy that The Juggernauts sent into the hall, even more than usual tonight."

Official propaganda link (Review in Dutch/Nederlands):

************************* Live Action Report 2 ***********************

Source: / Erik Vandamme
Rating: 5/5

"Speaking of a breath of fresh air, The Juggernauts (***) prove to be the perfect warm-up for what's yet to come (Front 242). And much more than that! What makes The Juggernauts so special is that they kind of reinvent EBM but stay true to its basics. We are therefore immersed in an hour full of intense EBM atmosphere that brings together past, present and future. The gentlemen stand on stage with striking masks and bring a very varied set that lashes out to every corner of the venue. They also use appropriate images that color the hall from pitch black, over dark red to a full rainbow. What a combination!"

Official propaganda link (Dutch only/Nederlands)

Past Live Actions 12.11.2022
The Juggernauts @
Porta Nigra, Stadsfeestzaal, Aarschot, B

Visual evidence:
Peek-a-Boo magzine / Who Cares

Live Action Report
Luminous Dash / Nel Mertens

"The scheduled German industrial duo Synapscape had to cancel but our Belgian The Juggernauts were helmeted, winged and ready to step in. Hidden underneath the suits are frontman/singer Peter Mastbooms (who we also know as DJ Borg), drummer Kevin Strauwen and keyboardist Terence Gryson.

“No place to hide” anymore because with ‘The Juggernauts Are Coming’ they opened their danceable set, as we have become accustomed, in their otherworldly EBM atmosphere: with raw vocals, tight metallic strikes on the electronic drum and stimulating keyboard work.

“Hey! hey you! Where do you wanna go…. from here! ... It's time to react!” A band with messages about shared responsibility. The wake-up song ‘Damaged Illusions’ calls on us with strong beats to resist.

These heavy beats also rumble, on floating synths, in the strong song ‘Purge’. ‘The End Of Times’ and ‘Plastic World’ remain favorites in the live set of this great EBM act, who invariably provide a dance party, without always running into exaggerated climaxes in their songs.

‘Follow’ blasts that we've lost control as a society and can now only follow - raw vocals, spewed over deeply quivering bass-lines and beats that fire everyone's passion up."

Official propaganda link (Review in Dutch/Nederlands):

Past Live Actions 04-06.05
The Juggernauts @ Barock, Bruges, B

+ Wulf7

Live Action Report: "The helmeted threesome assimilated the house. People danced from front to back! Everyone knows The Juggernauts have a very strong live reputation and it lived up to it very well. The stomping EBM people went wild and seemed to enjoy it a lot!. The live set contained a nice selection of old and new, still unreleased, tracks. It is clear the pandemic has failed to penetrate the band members' space suits and helmets. Very convincing and tight performance."
Read the full report here on!

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Past Live Actions 02+03.04.2022

The Juggernauts @ Porta Nigra, Stadsfeestzaal, Aarschot, B

Visual Evidence links:
Groovylinepics photography
Peek-a-Boo Magazine / Who Cares / Luc Luyten

- Source > Dark Entries Magazine:

“As soon as you see The Juggernauts are coming, you know what is about to happen. Danceable, helmeted Body Music kicks off! With The Juggernauts, the sound of bands like Front 242 is always around the corner. Fortunately, some points of comparison doesn’t mean a copy, because Borg and Co have been able to pull off their own identity with unparalleled beats and bytes for some time now. This was clear to see on the stage of Porta Nigra, where standing still was not an option. Very welcome after a long-term confinement obligation. A period that The Juggernauts took advantage of to write some new songs that could now, finally, be released to humanity. Aarschot saw that it was good.”
( Danny Quetin / Original Dutch review on Dark Entries)

- Source > Luminous Dash:
"Three unstoppable helmeted rulers of the universe take office. Also known as The Juggernauts for 12 years now, they have taken their own place within the EBM scene. Frontman / driving force Peter Mastbooms (Klinik, dj Borg) who takes the stage together with keyboardist Terence Gryson and live drummer Kevin Strauwen (True Zebra), each have a backpack full of their own musical experience that they bring to The Juggernauts.

The Juggernauts Are Coming, sounds early in the set. The electronic drum sounds tight and regularly pops up surprisingly, so that the 'foot stomping' rhythm that characterizes the genre is not continuously repetitive. "Don't hide away from me." Mastboom's raw spoken words are intense, as if every word is a wake-up call for a better world. “Wake Up!”

"It's time to resist!" We hear deep loops in which the KORG keys illuminate. The industrial elements are prominent and alarming synth lines intersect. “Burn!”

In this post-corona era, one can safely lose related tracks, so their Fear Covid 19 remix also passed with grim beats, disturbed, full of fear. Plastic World is one of the most recent proofs that they bring meaningful songs. About our destructive role as human beings who survive on this planet in a society that is getting sick. We fall within the strong Juggernauts sound for every word.

The great visuals in the background regularly draw our attention away from the artists, if we think of the images used on Purge, for instance.

The gentlemen also performed some new tracks such as The End Of Times. A grand, dynamically danceable sound allows bits & bites to pass through the visuals. A strong song about the money-generating society as a lie. “It's a HOAX”, is chanted with a resounding chant. “Welcome to the end of days. You have reached the end of the line. Thanks for living.”

“What went wrong in your head? What drove you insane?” we hear in another new track. The nervous excitement of lost thoughts dominates in the sound, which is bitterly danceable.

To close their set, The Juggernauts march over all control with Follow.

Re-educating the world with music? Then let Ben Weyts (Belgian Minister of education) include The Juggernauts in the curriculum!" (Click here for the original Dutch review by Nel Mertens / Luminous Dash)

Past Live Actions 30.10.2021
The Juggernauts @ Marktplein, Heusden-Zonder, B
+ Gary Numan, Suicide Commando, Absolute Body Control & more

"THE JUGGERNAUTS are next on the bill and put together an energetic set of EBM with their own stamp. The familiar outfits look great on stage as they pound through a monumental selection of their dance hi-energy tracks - good stuff. The crowd is now growing in numbers, and certainly dancing was in order!"
Reflections of Darkness

“The Juggernauts are coming! They landed and took the stage, rattling our teeth with the first EBM thumps of the weekend. With a powerful set they confirmed their status as a contemporary Belgian band in the genre. We heard the influence of such pioneers as Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb but they know how to make these mechanical beats sound like their own. All resulting in the first loud applause on this first day."
Luminous Dash

"The Juggernauts are a very strong EBM three-piece that appeared dresses in a costume similar to the Marvel Comics character, where we can also find Kevin Strauwen from True Zebra at the electric percussion. Curiously, we met the singer of the band two days later, at first not knowing it was him and we talked about a possible interview in the future. With the help of some videos, they showed us their particular vision of EBM. From their set, we would like to point out “Purge”,”Fear”, and a track that was played live for the first time. We enjoyed the concert and so did the audience that danced all along the show. The only bad thing was the duration: too short. We will see them again at DarkMad."

El Garaje de Frank

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Facebook event (The Juggernauts)

Past Live Actions 15.02.2020
The Juggernauts @ E-Only Festival, Leipzig, D
+ A Split-Second, Ash Code, Gertrud Stein, Suicide Commando & more

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Facebook event (E-Only Festival)
Facebook event (The Juggernauts)

Past Live Actions 07.12.2019
The Juggernauts @ Electrixmas @ Inkonst, Malmö, SE

+ DAF + DIVE + Promenade Cinema + ...

Official Propaganda:
Facebook event Electrixmas
Facebook event The Juggernauts

Live action report by HYMN Musikmagasin (Swedish)
"Belgian SWAT force The Juggernauts, basically traditional, old school EBM, adorned with modern production and features from techno and contemporary dance music. A tough and macho-pumping, albeit sympathetic, meeting between the past and present of alternative electronic music. A worthy ending to one of the very best electriXmas over the years."

Past Live Actions 20.11.2019

The Juggernauts @ De Casino, St-Niklaas, B

+ Nitzer Ebb + Liebknecht + DJ BORG

Live action visual evidence
Peek-a-Boo Magazine

Live action report by Muziczine.
"The Juggernauts were allowed to kick-off the night and did so with great enthusiasm! The band around Peter Mastbooms (aka DJ Borg) performed in their well-known black outfits with helmet and mainly played songs from their debut CD "The Juggernauts are coming" released in 2016 (Out of Line). Their music is a very successful mix of electro and EBM and results in an infectious and danceable sound that sometimes reminds of early The Neon Judgment combined with the typical (German) electro-sound. Perhaps not the most original sound but perfectly presented and well received by the audience. Check out songs like "Plastic World" and closing track "Follow" and convince yourself of the qualities of this homegrown Belgian band. Hopefully the successor of their debut CD will be released very soon as "Fear", which is the title track of this upcoming album was already played live on this night." (Musiczine)

Complete review on Musiczine (Dutch)

Past Live Actions 27.09.2019

The Juggernauts @ Kulttempel, Oberhausen, D
+ Suicide Commando

Official Propaganda:
Facebook event

Live action visual evidence

Live action reports

"Being assimilated has never felt better before!!" (Doris E.)
"Last night you finally touched the heritage of The Klinik. It was mindblowing. Old school EBM at its best!" (Thomas G.)

Past Live Actions 04.04.2019
The Juggernauts @ Out Of Line Weekender

+ A Split-Second + Motor!k + Kirlian Camera + Any Chance + Chrome

Facebook event

Past Live Actions 30.03.2019
The Juggernauts @ Darkest Night, JK2470, Retie, B

+ Tension Control, Pro Patria, Zweite Jugend

Facebook event

Past Live Actions 23.03.2019 The Juggernauts @ Electrocution Festival
+ Dive, True Zebra, TC 75 & Celldöd

Facebook event


Past Live Actions 09.06.2018
The Juggernauts @ Rave-o-Lution / Foro RR Live, Mexico-City, MEX

+ A Split-Second + True Zebra

Facebook event

Past Live Actions 26.05.2018
The Juggernauts @ Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen, NL
+ Crash Course In Sience, True Zebra

Facebook event

Past Live Actions 02.03.2018 The Juggernauts @ Winter Stomp V8 @ Panoptikum, Kassel, D
+ Dive, Severe Illusion, Björnpeng, Jäger 90, Zweite Jugend

Facebook event

Past Live Actions 24.2.2018
The Juggernauts @ International EBM Day, De Casino, St. Niklaas, B

+ Plastic Noise Experience, Pankow, Jäger 90, X-Mouth Syndrome, DJ BORG

Facebook event

Past Live Actions 09.02.2018
The Juggernauts @ Der Cult, Nürenberg, D

+True Zebra

Facebook Event

Past Live Actions 20.01.2018
The Juggernauts @ Rise Of The Belgian Empire, Felsenkeller, Leipzig, D

+ A Split-Second, Pro Patria, Stin Scatzor, Euforic Existence & DJ BORG

"Da waren schon die Vorbands kleine Highlights und die Headliner noch nicht in Sicht. Das änderte sich allerdings mit The Juggernauts. Immer ein Genuss, wenn auch nur ein kurzes Set da Peter ja später noch als DJ Borg die Aftershow befeuerte. Aber dennoch zum schwelgen. Davon darfs immer etwas mehr sein..."

Past Live Actions 25.11.2017
The Juggernauts @ Electric Porn Party, MUK, Giessen, D

Facebook event The Juggernauts
Facebook event Electronic Porn Party

Past Live Actions 18.11.2017
The Juggernauts @ Lygten Station, Copenhagen, DK

+ Elegant Machinery

Facebook event The Juggernauts
Facebook event Club Brain Corp

"Great, I think all EBM fans went very happy home after your gig"

Past Live Actions 25-27.08.2017
The Juggernauts @ INFEST, Univeristy, Bradford, UK

+ Revolting Cocks, Die Krupps & many more

"The Juggernauts turned out to be a great precursor to iVardensphere, warming up the crowd with a thunderous 45 minutes of EBM." (Contactmusic)

"Now then, The Juggernauts. Last seen by me at BIMFest 2015, this project is one with quite the image. One where urban techno commandos, as prophesized by Mandr01d, become reality. Or, put another way, intergalactic riot police by way of Front 242. Oh yes, this is futuristic, pummelling EBM with exactly the sound you want from this kind of description, and thus was a welcome band to see on the Sunday evening."

"They were excellent!" George T

Past Live Actions 10.06.2017
The Juggernauts + Dive @ Musikens Hus, Gothenborg SE

+ afterparty

"You guys were amazing" (Andreas Noreen)

Past Live Actions 09.06.2017
The Juggernauts + Dive @ Synth After Work, Stockholm, SE

+ afterparty

Live report + Pictures (Electroskull)

Past Live Actions 25.05
The Juggernauts @ De Casino - St-Niklaas - B
+ Project Pitchfork

FB event - The Juggernauts
FB event - BodyBeats Productions

Musiczine - "The Juggernauts were the perfect support" - (Pictures)
eek-a-Boo-Magazine (Pictites)

Past Live Actions 13.05.2017
The Juggernauts + Dive @ Das Bett, Frankfurt, D

+ Full Contact 69 & 2nd Face

Past Live Actions 12.05.2017
The Juggernauts + Dive @ Stellwerk, Hamburg, D

+ELM + TC75

Past Live Actions 06.05.2017
The Juggernauts + Dive + The Force Dimension @ Madame Underground Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil

"uma das melhores bandas de ebm que ja vi.the juggernauts / One of the best bands I ever saw!" (Marcelo Alves Santos)

Past Live Actions 30.04.2017
The Juggernauts + Dive + True Zebra @ Gozsdu Mano Klub, Budapest, Hungary

"You always rock the town! Which is pretty nice since you aren't a rock band. " (Arpad Jakab)
"Thank you for the great show!" (
Csörgő Timea)

Past Live Actions 31.03.2017
The Juggernauts @ Out Of Line Weekender / Kuturhaus Astra / Berlin / D

Hocico, Dirk Ivens, Xandria, Klangstabil, In Strict Confidence, CHROM, Rummelsnuff, Ashbury Heights, Esplendor Geometrico, The Horrorist, Hanin Elias, Amduscia, Mikrowelle and many more!

Past Live Actions 28.01.2017
THE JUGGERNAUTS + Jäger 90 + Pokemon Reactor @ SubKultur, Hannover, D

Facebook event The Juggernauts

Facebook event Subculture

Comments & Reviews:
"Die Juggernauts haben den Abend abgerundet mit schönem technoiden EBM. Leider war ich da schon zu betrunken um zu tanzen, aber es haben genug andere getanzt. Geiles Konzert von den Juggers....und...übrigens....der Sound war echt mal gut!!!!"

Past Live Actions 14.01.2017
THE JUGGERNAUTS @ Botanique, Brussels, B

+ Parade Ground + Simi Nah
Facebook event - The Juggernauts
Facebook event -

Past Live Actions 28.10.2016
THE JUGGERNAUTS @ Zwischenfall / Bahnhof Langedreer, Bochum, D

A Special Belgian night with: DIVE, THE JUGGERNAUTS, TRUE ZEBRA
Pictures by Sabine Michalak
Facebook event - The Juggernauts
Facebook event - Zwischenfall

Past Live Actions 03.09.2016

With Sonar, DAF, Agent Side Grinder, Fixmer/McCarthy, Pankow, The Cassandra Complex, The Fair Sex and many more!
Pictures on Verdamnis / Cécile Hautfeulle
Pictures on Black-Cat-Net / Daniela Vordran

Past Live Actions 09.07.2016

Facebook event - The Juggernauts
Facebook event - Familientreffen XII

Past Live Actions 20.02.2016
Facebook event - Electrocution Festivall VII

Past Live Actions 18.12.2015

Antwerp, Belgium

Pictures @ Peek-a-Boo Magazine by Xavier Marquis Pi

Past Live Actions 24.05.2015
Leipzig, Germany

The Juggernauts Facebook event
Wave-Gotik-Treffen Facebook event

Past Live Actions 16.05.2015
THE JUGGERNAUTS @ Eurorock Festival 2015
Neerpelt, Belgium

Phoenix Live @ Eurorock 2015 filmed by Numanoid65
Peek-a-Boo Magazine Photoshoot by Marquis(pi)x
Black Cat Net Photoshoot by Dani Vordran

Past Live Actions 07.03.2015
R33 - Budapest - HU

The Juggernauts FB event!

Past Live Actions 29.11.2014
Kulttemple - Oberhausen - D
+ after party by DJs: Paradroid & Karstedt /
Our FB event

Past Live Actions 07.11.2014
La Zone - Liege - B

Our FB event!
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Past Live Actions 01.11.2014
Nalen - Stockholm - Sweden
Our FB event

Past Live Actions 25.10.2014
Wiesenhaus - Eisleben - D
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Review on Release Magazine by Fredrik Schlatta Wik

"... Next up was Belgian band Juggernauts, the brainchild of BORG (The Klinik) and Glenn Keteleer (Radical G). I really like them, in my mind it is a mixture of fairly early Front 242 and The Klinik (go figure) and they were the only ones using the huge projector screen, showing blurred Front 242-style videos. It was entertaining and their costumes were fantastic – pilot style helmets and dark uniforms with shoulder pads the size of Manhattan. The sound was a bit weird at the beginning of the show, it felt muffled and non-dynamic (because they didn't get a proper soundcheck), but at the end it sounded pretty good."

Past Live Actions 26.07.2014
Tanzbruhnen - Kôln - D

Pictures on
Our FB event
/ Amphi Festival X FB event!

Past Live Actions 02-06.07.2014
Sportplatz - Sandersleben - D

Review on The E-blog (Deutsch):
"The Juggernauts übernahmen das Ruder im Anschluss und unverkennbar wie immer in Sound und Design. Charismatisch, treibend, energetisch. Sounds die man gern hört, die mit dem “früher” spielen und den Anspruch Inhalte zu haben."
"The Juggernauts took over the rudder with their unmistakable sound and style ... Charismatic, throbbing, & energetic. Sounds that you like to hear, which flirt with the past and have the right content."

Our FB event!
Out Of Line weekender FB event!

Past Live Actions 28-30.03.2014
Astra Kulturhaus - Berlin - D

Our FB event
Out Of Line weekender FB event

Past Live Actions 04.02.2014
Matrix - Bochum - D

Review in Sonic Seducer Magazine

"Concerts on weekdays are generally not entirely perfect - but the Belgian package Front 242 and The Juggernauts as support seemed to work well on this Tuesday evening resulting in a full house and a great atmosphere from the start"…
"First The Juggernauts entered the stage , a still fairly young project of Peter Mastbooms aka Borg (The Klinik , Ex - … ) and Glenn, who claimed their place in the scene with their "Phoenix" - EP that was released in the beginning of 2013. Although they have yet only one EP released, They seem to have gathered a lot of fans and plenty of stage experience . They kicked-off with "Damaged Illusions ", " Phoenix " and " Infected" , the three tracks of the "Phoenix" EP. Disguised behind their already known trademark of the advanced alien helmets, the duo had the audience quickly their hands easily. The people seemed to appreciate the music and started to move. The set was closed with two brand new tracks, "Follow (Your Leaders) " and "The Purge", which according the information we got from Borg's will be on the a good as finished debut album and were performed live for the first time. Both songs sounded really strong, reminding us a bit of monolith and Portion Control"...

(Catrin Nordwig / Sonic Seducer Magazine)

Review on

"Pounding beats, monumental synth sequences, a vigorous background and strong shouting vocals create an electronic cocktail in the typical Belgian old-school style. A way of making music, BORG as a live member of The Klinik, is very familiar with. The danceable aggression that arises in this sound mixture is presented by the two musicians with a large dose of coolness. With helmet and dark goggles BORG and Glenn seem to embody the comic villain With the same name. The audience felt well entertained and started to dance. The Juggernauts did a good job warming EBM crowd up and getting them to move their bodies." (translated from

More pictures here!
Read the full (German) review here!

Our FB Event page
Matrix FB event page

Past Live Actions 23.11.2013
MUK - Giessen - D

A review in the Giessener Anzeiger:

And the paper version here!

Past Live Actions

K19 - Kassel - D

Our FB event
Official FB event

Concert review on Klangwelt
"Equipped with a typical "Belgian" EBM sound, very variable rhythms, and a very strong dedication they immediately succeeded to get the whole venue/crowd moving, performing their song 'Phoenix & ' Infected' ... strong os an ox!"

Past Live Actions 13.09.2013
KAVKA - Antwerp - B

BODY ELECTRIC (The Sister Of Mercy Tribute)

Past Live Actions 30.08.2013
BOAT ELIANE - Brussels - B


Past Live Actions 16 - 17.08.2013

Alvesta - Sweden

Our Facebook Event
Official FB event

Past Live Actions 01.03.2013

with The Klinik, Kirlian Camera, Pankow & Many more

Official FB eventpage
The Juggernauts FB eventpage

Concert review on Reflections of Darkness:

The first festival day was started by the Belgian Electro duo THE JUGGERNAUTS. They entered the stage in pilot outfits including helmets to win the slightly bored Berlin audience for their beats. In fact the first band always has some problems to win the audience, people were listening but not dancing much. I saw confusion but also interest in people’s faces. By the end of THE JUGGERNAUTS show, people seemed to be more interested in this EBM band then when they just started.
Setlist: 01. The Juggernauts Are Coming / 02. Damaged Illusions / 03. Phoenix / 04. Drinking Blood / 05. Plastic World / 06. Religion

Past Live Actions

with A Split-Second, Leaether Strip & more ...

More info & full line-up:

FB event page

Past Live Actions 15.02.2013

with A Split-Second & The Invincible Spirit
Banhof Lagendreer

facebook eventpage:

Some qoutes of the audience:

A. K. "Was soll ich schreiben, bin mit ziemlich hohen Erwartungen dort aufgeschlagen und diese wurden bei weitem noch übertroffen!"

M.L. "Es war ein cooler abend , alle 3 bands haben überzeugt !!
guter sound, gute songauswahl, coole location, nette gespräche mit den leuten und den bands"

Past Live Actions 08-11/11.2012

With The Klinik, Portion Control & many more ...

Review extract from

"The gentlemen from The Juggernauts appeared on stage in truly cosmic helmets, carrying the audience away for a dance with an energetic, strong, EBM setlist."


Past Live Actions

With Absolute Body Control & many more ...

More info + full line-up:

A short review on Reflections Of Darkness:

The Juggernauts successfully woke up the M'era Luna festival crowd!

"Different to the years before, the second festival day started at the Hangar, where Belgian Electro duo THE JUGGERNAUTS was opening the day. BORG (aka Peter Mastbooms of THE KLINIK and ex-VOMITO NEGRO) and Glenn (RADICAL G.) entered the stage in pilot outfits to present their sweat-inducing EBM. For the attendees, who really enjoyed the show, it was the perfect start into the day with cold, precise machine rhythms." (Written by Daniela Vorndran & Jens Arndt for Reflections Of Darkness)

Read the complete M'era Luna day 2 review here!

Past Live Actions

With Dive & many more ...
Hamburg, Germany

More info and full line-up:

A gig review on

"The Juggernauts shook-up the EBM world" @ Nordstern Festival 2012

"... and so we went to the main stage, where The Juggernauts were about to play. These kick-ass shooting stars, with cool stage act, recently shook up the EBM world with their blitz-hit 'Phoenix'. And ri ghtly so. In futuristic costumes with strong shoulder pads and helmets on their heads entered the stage one by one and began their conquest. And hey! They are damn good! Spontaneously I had to think Dive meets The Klinik meets Front 242, clearly also the other spectators were thrilled. What a great opener! And you may be curious about their first album. Of course, some may say, it's nothing new and it sound like the bands I mentioned before etc ... . But there're many that like to hear this kind and still want more. So let see what the future brings but go and see them anyway when they play because they are simply cool to see!"

Original review (Auf Deutsch)


Past Live Actions 07/07/2012


Their first German gig and open air festival went down rather succesfull!
Even while dealing with some technical restrictions and fact that they played as the opener band in the broad day/sunlight , making their background video almost invisible, The Juggernauts managed to get the party starting on Saturday, “drawing the biggest crowed ever to see opener band at the Familiëntreffen”.

"Saturday was the big day. Opener The Juggernauts was particularly great with their unique old school attitude and helmets that might have fooled some people into thinking that Jäger 90 had turned up under a different name. That the festival area was filled this early during the day is enough to prove that The Juggernauts is something special."

Below a live video & some comments we gathered on Facebook:

Kat I.: Die Juggernauts. Mischung aus Front und Dive. Der Hammer!

Daniel B: Fucking good concert!

Mario L: Das Fam.treffen war schon Geil !!. - Die Überraschung für mich war, das "The Juggernauts" extrem Genial waren! -
Alles andere natürlich auch!

Thomas B: Unglaublich starker Auftritt, The Juggernauts waren der beste FT Opener ever. 100% sicher, dass diese Band ihren Weg machen wird. Da passt ja alles! Hoffentlich kommt bald ne komplette CD ;-)

Intox M: The juggernauts .... bester opener ever

Olivier S:> The Juggernauts: Belgium : 10 points!

The Juggernauts…had the shitty job to open, no album out, in bright daylight, but rather a lot of Germans crawled out to see this….
Great electro NOT based on Nitzer like 90% of the festival lol. winner.

Belgium : 10 points!

Angy Mr-e: die waren mal echt gut...kannte ich vorher gar nicht... habe mich wegen dem Bandnamen immer etwas gesträubt.... aber nun bin ich positiv begeistert

Martin V: i agree. they were great.

Jana B: We have to thank you! That was awesome - had lots of fun at your gig. One of the highlights of the weekend. :)

Ludewig M: The Juggernauts sind einfach nur GEIL !!

Barba Negra
Budapest, Hungary

On this festival The Juggernauts were given the daring task to play AFTER the EBM legend Front 242...
But they prevailed!

A concert review on

"The closing set put up by The Juggernauts was a definite thrill adding up to an already blatantly energetic evening. EBM with futuristic thrill was the recipe adopted by this young group, and it did not go amiss with the audience. Donning spacesuits and resorting liberally to lights, they were able to undertake the difficult task of keeping ears pricked and feet dancing after legendary Front 242 were on stage. They offered in their easy-going attitude, confessing that their Budapest date is only their second show, and unlike their first one, which, they say, was not so great, they expected this to be better. We do not say this in terms of a comparison, but the effect of The Juggernauts was pervasive and lasting, and we are not the only ones to have loved their show!"

Past Live Actions 07.04.2012 REWIND EASTER FESTIVAL
Ghent, Belgium

The first ever live gig of The Juggernauts!

Concert review on
by Philip Blackmarquis

"To open the program, The Juggernauts, a brand new Belgian EBM formation led by Borg (also in The Klinik and boss of Bodybeats) and Glenn (from Radical G), are giving their first gig ever. Quite a number of people have already gathered so early in the Vooruit concert hall to discover this new band. On stage, both Borg and Glenn are wearing black helmets and black army jackets, just to make things clear about their music: pure, old school EBM from the 80s, with references like Front242, KMFDM, Klinik, Nitzer Ebb, etc. Borg sings and Glenn, oddly enough, doesn't play keyboards but electronic drums. In their setlist, they performed "Phoenix", their only release so far, which you can find on the Out Of Line "Awake The Machines Compilation Volume 7 ". Borg's voice is amazingly strong and the reaction of the spectators is very positive. A good start for the second day!"

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